Dracula II: Ascenison

Jason Scott Lee
Jason London
Craig Sheffer
Diane Neal
Khary Payton
Brande Roderick
Stephen Billington

R           85min           2003

“Dracula II: Ascension” is the sequel to “Dracula 2000,” with the immortal dark lord, Judas of Iscariot; being used in medical experiments to cure a crippling disease. As always nothing good will come of it.

This and its sequel were filmed at the same time and were definitely a waste of production money. The plot was illogical and the characters were under-developed. It was weak in its execution and boring. There were many miss cast parts in this film. I classify it as an “End of Days.”

At the end of Dracula 2000, if there was going to be a sequel the villain would have been female, as Van Helsings’ daughter was the only one left. I would have thought that Dracula’s body would have incinerated and left nothing but ashes. There was not one character you cared about. You’ll actually root for them to die. Once they figure out whom they’re dealing with instead of finishing him off, they decide that it’s in the best interest of science to study him.

Dracula II: Ascension is your standard boilerplate horror movie. Imbeciles doing stupid things fight a villain that’s way out of their league. Instead of ending with everyone dying, this movie sets up its sequel Dracula III: Legacy. This movie is tiring and gave me a headache, Jason Scott Lee comes in as a mystery vampire hunter, acting like he was transplanted into this film from Timecop: Berlin Decision.

There really isn’t anything redeeming about this film, even the actors were miss cast in parts. They were not believable in their parts and didn’t fit together as a group of medical students. You didn’t believe that Diane Neal and Craig Sheffer are or ever in a relationship. They seem just as they were, two actors meeting and doing a job. Even the death scenes, which were greatly appreciated, were boring.

Dracula II: Ascension is a waste of time. It doesn’t resemble anything of its predecessor. Its boring and poorly executed, you know the death are coming 10mins before they happen. It doesn’t do anything to enhance the legend of Dracula and it actually detracts from it. It makes him seem less.

I give it 1/5 Gs.


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