16 Blocks

Bruce Willis
Mos Def
David Morse
Jenna Stern

PG13           105min           2006

“16 Blocks” is about an alcoholic cop (Willis) that is assigned the grunt work task of escorting a jittery witness (Def) “16 Blocks” from police custody to the courthouse, when outside forces start to intervene to prevent this from happening.

This is an exceptional well-done drama. Great performances from well established actors. A story that is gritty and well define, it’s a moral tale in disguise. It’s a well-timed jog.

“16 Blocks” is a drama that holds upon inspection. You think it might be a good story and once you watch it you realize it was so much more. Not only was it an action adventure but a drama, mystery, and a good buddy film. IT was makes you fell for this character and even when you know what the outcome will be, you hope for the best. This movie doesn’t disappoint.

It has great performances from great casting. With so many great actors, its Mos Def that standout and outshines everyone else. His subtle nuisance of an OCD witness is perfect. It’s your compassion for this character and his plight than makes this movie work. This is one of his best performances and why he’s a talent on the rise in Hollywood.

This story is well defined and keeps you on your toes. It shows one instant of a man overcoming adversity to be a better man; to give someone the help they need to have a better live. It’s shows the double edge sword of morality, how choices have consequences and being a man takes more.

The DVD is packed full of extras and includes an alternate ending that was far better than the original. It fit better with pacing and story told in the framework of the movie. Maybe one day will better our own movie editors and define the movies the way we see fit.

“!6 Blocks” is a great morality action adventure. It has a standout performance from Mos Def in a great acted ensemble film. It’s a story that was well defined, with good character development and characterization.

I give it 4/5 Gs.


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