Clive Owen
Jennifer Aniston
Vincent Cassel
Melissa George
Addison Timlin

R           112min          2005

“Derailed” is about an ordinary man caught in a chance meeting with a woman on a train and the disruption to his life that ensues from a one night stand with her.

Derailed is a thriller starring Clive Owen and in a stark departure from anything else she’s done, Jennifer Aniston. Once it set the story up for you it grabs you by the balls. Anitson’s makes this believiable. Most of this film is predictable until the end.

This movie is a moral tale. Put in this situation what would you do. It’s an ordinary man facing extraordinary circumstance because of the choices he made. It’s the moral choices that grab you and keep glued to the table. It’s compelling but in a rarity facing many Hollywood films the hero actually pays for his crimes.

This movie can be dismissed but its Aniston’s acting departure that really gets you. You looking at Jennifer Aniston stretch her acting range. You know she could to do it but its amazing to see her go there. If given the chance she could be a strong dramatic actress. She can truly play a femme fatale.

The first third of this movie is slow, its setting up the tale. Setting the characters into their profiles and setting you for the turn. The rest of the movie is a predictable psychological thriller until end.
Some may see it coming but most will not.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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