Clifton Collins Jr.
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Keith David
Cole Hauser
Wyclef Jean
Amiee Garcia
Brittany Daniel
Frank Alveraz
César Garía Gómez
Robert Flores

R           97min           2005

“Dirty” is a film about two cops, one that has lost is moral compass, played to perfection by Cuba Gooding Jr., and one trying to find his way back, played engagingly by Clifton Collins Jr.

This movie doesn’t reinvent this dirty cop genre; it takes it from a psychological perspective. Which makes this film so entertaining and gripping. This cast acted superbly from the stars to the supporting cast. It shows how corrupt you can become in a world the real.

You constantly thinking as the characters are: “What’s the angle?” From the beginning you are wondering what’s going to happen. This is a thinking man’s “Training Day”. It makes you put your guard up and never let it down. These character profiles grip you at your moral compass and squezze tightly.

Top notch acting from a least than known cast. A lot of the actors you see before but you never known their names. Cuba Gooding Jr. is stellar as always but its Clifton Collins is the compass and his plight during this day drives this film, The supporting cast of characters, from real life former gangers to season actors finds this film giving a true representation of life for cops and gang-bangers set in Los Angeles.

The psychological turns of the characters grounds this film in reality. Life for these characters is this violent and dangerous. It makes you realize if you are psychological strong enough to handle the corrupting pressures of life on the streets of LA. Even when there is a glimmer of hope its stolen away.

A bleak somber tale of cops facing the crime of LA and corrupt it is on the street and how when your doing the right thing is sometimes not the right thing. It’s a brutal action filled world that grips you and doesn’t let leave your brain at the door.

I give it 4/5 Gs.


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