“Saw II”

Donnie Wahlberg
Shawnee Smith
Tobin Bell
Franky G
Glenn Plummer
Dina Meyer
Emmanuelle Vaugier
Beverley Mitchell

R           93min           2005

The continued choronical of Jigsaw. This time a round he locks up a few people and they must get out before they breathe in too much nerve gas.

Saw 2 is more story driven this time around. It still has its suspenseful and it still has gore but not to the degree of the first. This time around the twist is more suttle and less in your face until it is revealed. There are still clues to be found and questions to be answered and not all will.

This movie is just as The Ring and The Ring Two are. The first was in your face with suspense and gore, the second was more story driven. In the end this movie accomplishes what it set out to do… Make money and tell a twisted scary movie.

I give it a 3/5 Gs


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