“Pootie Tang”

Lance Crouthier
J.B. Smoove
Jennifer Coolidge
Reg E. Cathey
Robert Vaughan
Wanda Sykes
Chris Rock

PG13           70min           2001

“Pootie Tang” is the story of a fictional ghetto hero’s rises up against corporate America to give pride to the young black kids of ghetto America.

Although it is funny. It took stupid one step too far. This movie is not as funny as the skits from “The Chris Rock Show.” Something and not just his speak is lost in translation. This is not a wide audience appeal movie. Black people may find it funny.

One funny accorance that found was the one and only Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars)has a small but rememberal part in “Pootie Tang.”

Better ghetto movies are “Shaft (1971)” and “Coffy”. These are two of the best of gehttoplotiaion movies.

I give a 2/5 Gs.


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