“Final Destination 3”

Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Ryan Merriman
Amanda Crew
Kris Lemche
Texas Battle
Gina Holden
Alexz Johnson

R           115min           2006

Third time is a charm. To me “Final Destination 3” is the best of the three. This time around death is angrier and more vengeful. When death comes, it comes full blast take no prisoners. The deaths in this one are even more elaborate and gorier than the second.

This related more in story to the legend born in the first. Here is a spoiler… This time around they only used Tony Todd’s voice. It’s his voice that is the devil and on the train. This disappointed me that it’s the only way to work him in.

I’ve been told I’m morbid and maybe it’s true. These death scenes made me laugh and laugh hard. Not because they are silly but because they are so gorily. All through the movie you know who is going to die but it was the fashion in which they die that kept Final Destination 3 moving.

This hour and 15 minutes goes by fast. The pacing in this movie is excellent. James Wong and Glen Morgan did a great job of capturing the original without the repetitive being redundant. From the ending I think the trilogy is complete. After watching this one I don’t think there is any where more that they can go.

But I do hope to be proven wrong. Don’t forget to check out “Final Destination” and “Final Destination 2″ or purchase the “Final Destination Scared 2 Death Pack.”.

I give it a 4/5 Gs


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