‘The Perfect Man (2005)’

Hilary Duff
Heather Locklear
Chris Noth
Mike O’Malley
Ben Feldman
Vanessa Lengies
Caroline Rhea
Carson Kressley
Kym Whitley

PG           100min           2005

Hilary Duff plays a teenager that is frustrated with her mother (Locklear) always moving after a break-up. Finally fed up Holly (Duff) creates a fictional man to date her mother until it’s ruined when the “perfect” man does exist played by Noth.

Watching “The Perfect Man” I can see why Hilary thought that Heather Locklear could play her mother. It’s a touching fluffy movie. A friend of mine said that half of all “chick flicks” secretly appeal to men. Maybe it appeals to women but I found it just a little bit too “chick flick”. It has its charm but it doesn’t touch me like it did females that I know.

It’s a better outing for Hilary Duff than “Raise Your Voice”. I’m guessing since I made it this far I might as while finish with “The Lizzie McGuire Movie”. What I have found is that Hilary is making progress in her acting and that always an accomplishment.



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