Raise Your Voice

Hilary Duff
Oliver James
David Keith
Dana Davis
Rita Wilson
Kat Dennings
Jason Ritter
Rebecca De Mornay
John Corbett

PG13           103min           2004

Young woman (Duff) loses her creative light, after losing her brother in an accident, just before her entrance into a pretentious musical school. Now she must over come her lost and rise to the occasion and reach her potential.

Although I can see the message they wanted to portray the packaging was all wrong. “Raise Your Voice” is Fame, extremely lite, on the Hollywood Starlit Diet. It just didn’t work for me. The movie came off emotional forced and contrived, a waste of movie resources and time. This movie was made to show case Hillary Duffy, was probably the only one not faking but was the least talented of music heard. She brought no emotion I didn’t feel the pain and grief.
The parents are just thrown in to have parents in the movie. It was just a waste of three talented Hollywood veterans. The supporting cast is full of up a coming Hollywood making the television rounds.

The highlight of this movie is the music. There are some creative and interesting musical spot. There are also the pops songs thrown in for good measure. A movie with the same message but better packaging is “Save the Last Dance”. I can say it’s better than “Crossroads” and “Glitter”.

1/5 Gs


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