“Must Love Dogs”

Diane Lane
John Cusack
Elizabeth Perkins
Christopher Plummer
Dermot Mulroney
Stockard Channing

PG13           98min           2005

Two 40-something preschool teacher (Lane) and boat maker (Cusack) find love in the modern world of internet dating and the hilarity that ensues.

“Must Love Dogs” is not my usually my cup of tea but I found it funny, as I’m not a forty something looking for love. It wasn’t overall a very good movie but individual parts that made it bearable. It had its moments spread through out the movie.

Christopher Plummer shined as an old player playing the field after the death of his wife. Lane and Cusack are likable as a couple. Jordana Spiro‘s promiscuous younger woman was also a highlight.

Cusack does a much better job in “Serendipity”. As it was a friend’s movie and I didn’t pay for it this one can wait until it’s on the old release unless you just have to rent it now.

I give it a 2/5 Gs


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