Nick Cannon
Roselyn Sanchez
Cheech Marin
Shawn Ashmore
Kelly Hu
Ian Gomez
Kaylee DeFer

PG13           95min           2005

Underclassman is about a young cop must prove himself by going undercover in a private high school to investigate the death of a student. Along the way his investigation leads to a more nefarious crime.

It’s Beverly Hills Cop meets Kindergarden Cop or 21 Jump Street Lite. This is a recycled movie With the usual plot and predictable one liners but in a new package and what a wonder set of packages. Kelly Hu and Roselyn Sanchez keep you interested in this movie. Nick Cannon’s performance is all-comedic and no drama when there needed to be but it did lend itself to the character.

Wait for it to hit the cheap section of the rental store or if you really needed a Nick Cannon fix then rent it.

I give it 2/5 Gs


One Response to Underclassman

  1. Mr. Jackie O'Quinn says:

    Dude you suck. Gary, you only gave this movie one G. I give it 2 1/2 stars because it was a fun movie to watch and I found it very entertaining. I agree it had a shallow story plot but it was very entertaining!

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