“Underworld: Evolution”

Kate Beckinsale
Scott Speedman
Tony Curran
Derek Jacobi
Bill Nighy
Michael Sheen
Steven Mackintosh
Shane Brolly

R           105min           2006

“Underworld: Evolution” takes place immediately following the events in the first. Everyone’s goal is to awaken Marcus and plead their case, not realizing that Marcus has already awakened with his own agenda. After Marcus awakens, Michael and Selene are on run unraveling the mystery and deceit that Victor has been hiding for so many centuries. Not all the things you may have thought true are and the things you discover may shock you.

Rarely does a sequel entertain better that the original. Underworld: Evolution does it completely. The story gives a lot of information that is easy assimilated. It is much gorier than the first film but also more action. The pace of the film is quicker as you are familiar with the majority of the character, and easily brought up to speed on the new ones.

The ending is opened just as the first, paving the way for another sequel. If not for the production cost I think this one set “Underworld” up as a very good television show. It leaves you with so many possibilities, far more than the first did, and far more than can be completely addressed in 90 minutes.

If you liked the first you will definitely like the second. In front of the movie, there were trailers for “Silent Hill“, “Stay Alive” and “Ultraviolet.”.

I give it a 5/5 Gs


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