Aeon Flux

Charlize Theron
Marton Cskokas
Jonny Lee Miller
Sophie Okonedo
Frances MacDormand
Peter Postlethwaite

PG13           93min           2005

“Aeon Flux” is based on the MTV’s cartoon of the same name, reimagined and reinterpreted. In a world of the future Aeon Flux is a warrior fighting against the oppressive regime of Trevor Goodchild.

When this film was announced I thought it was an ambitious undertaking. Never fully understanding what I was watching, from the hand full of episodes I saw late night when I had insomnia. It is an interesting story that felt was incomplete and poorly executed story telling. The special effects, stunts, and locations are the only redeeming qualities of this film.. I commend Charlize Theron for taking the part and coming back after her injury.

There really isn’t anything that stands out in this film. I was mildly entertained by the cartoon and maybe that’s one of the reasons I don’t get this film. The characters were under-developed and you really don’t get some of the characters’ motivation. Even after the reveal it leaves you question why anything happened in the first place.

The special effects in this film are stunning. This is nowhere near ‘The Matrix’ but they motive the story. They are cool to look at. The effects are in a heighten reality that lend to the evolution of mankind. The effects make all the stunts more believable.

The stunts as proved by Charlize Theron’s accident were risky and looked cool on film. Even stunt was fluid and moved the story. Combined with special effects it really made you think, ’what was practical and what was green screen?” This one of the few film where the stunts stood out from the story.

The locations of this film are just beautiful. It paints this future as an utopia, where everything is beautiful, peaceful, and serene. Not on scene in this film is dark or depressing even when it should. If the future could turn out like this everyone would want to live forever.

The three elements of special effects, stunts, and locations combine to create a stunning film. The breaking in sequence is a combination of all three that is just one part of this story. The story is at a lost and the characterization leaves something to wanting. This film is ok at best. But if you are truly a fan of the television show you may be a fan of this film.

I give it a 2/5 Gs.


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