The Marksman

themarksman.jpgWesley Snipes
Emma Samms
William Hope
Warren Derosa
Serge Soric
Tim Abell
Gabi Burlacu
Peter Youngblood Hills

R           95min           2005

“The Marksman” is a direct to video starring Wesley Snipes & Emma Samms. Wesley Snipes players a covert op soldier with a special in marking target, hence the name of the movie, that must stop a rogue general from restarting a power planet in Chechnya. Then betrayal ensues and then Snipes changes the plans. Emma Samms plans covert ops planner with a history with Snipes, who helps him figure out the true nature of the Russians.

There are far better action movies on the market, than “The Marksmen”. If you are in a Wesley Snipes mood there are better direct to videos from Wesley. Chasing Liberty or Unstoppable are better choices. It’s not the bottom of the barrel but it is fairly predictable. It was strange to see a mature Emma Samms in a movie. When I picture Emma Samms, it from her hey day on Dynasty, she is still a beautiful woman.

I give it a 2/5 Gs

What do you think the future of the Blade franchise be?


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