“Painkiller Jane”

Emmanuelle Vaugier
Tate Donovan
Richard Roundtree
Eric Dane
Martin Cummins
Callum Keith Rennie

Unrated           85min           2005

Emmanuelle Vaugier, who can be seen in Saw 2, stars as an army captain that is infected by a biological agent that enhances her. She can run faster, see further, think and processs more information, and can self-heal. You can just imaginae what the rest of the story is. But don’t let that stop you from watching.

Tate Donovan is one of the scientist studying her, more believable in the part, than his Jimmy Cooper from “The OC”. Richard Roundtree as the colonel with parternal feeling and Shaft-appeal for Jane.

“Painkiller Jane” didn’t fill comic booky. The ending did setup the premise as a television series. Produce injunction with, NBC Universal, it could be a possiblity. A real slim possiblity though. “Painkiller Jane” is Dark Angel having a baby X- Files. You know it has strong parent but can never replace the originals.

Overall is was an ok movie, a strong television pilot; but then again just look at “Thoughtcrimes” by the USA Network some television movie pliots stay just movies.

I give it a 2/5 Gs

In the “War on Terrorism” how much civil liberities, also know as freedoms, are you willing to give up?


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