City of Angels

cityofangels.jpgNicolas Cage
Meg Ryan
Andre Braugher
Dennis Franz
Colm Feore
Robin Bartlett

PG13           114min           1998

I was bored Ied look through my stack of old VHSs and found a this tape with “City of Angels” and a few other movies on it. So I watched “City of Angels”, a movie that I never quite got. I watched it because it has “Uninvited” by Alanis Morissette, I did say I was bored.

After watching it I found it tragic yet beautiful. Its definitely a “chick flick” but a good one. I don’t think that in today’s society anyone can or will ever find a love that strong. Everyday people try to find a love that will make them happy, whether it be with GOD or someone else. In the back of our minds we want to find that love, that one in a million love, that love that transcends death and forever.

That is what is appealing about the movie. Even in our society we want what eludes us. City of Angels is a very romantic movie that can be enjoy with your significant other.

I ive it 2/5 Gs

Do we live in a society that can truely achieve what this movie offer or are People today are too jaded and self-centered to find that type of love?


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