spanglish.jpgAdam Sandler
Tea Leoni
Paz Vega
Cloris Leachman
Shelbie Bruce
Sarah Steele
Ian Hyland

PG13           131min           2004

How do I explain this movie?. . . A family drama that show a mirror to certain aspect of two culture while finding love in all manners of your life. It made me understand a few things about perception and misconception people have.

At first glance I thought Adam Sandler was miss cast in the part. But I gave it a shot and it turns out that he can pull it off. It had the right amount of drama and comedy that made him perfect for the role. Tea Leoni performance was awesome. She made me root for John and Flor.

“Spanglish” is a satisfing story told through a college essay to Princeton. It can make you laugh and cry and entertain you. If you have not seen it got out and rent it. Its worth the rental.

I give it a 3/5 Gs

How do you think the world sees Americans? How do we see the world? Does the world expect America to save it from itself??


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