Bruce Almighty

brucealmighty.jpgJim Carrey
Morgan Freeman
Jennifer Aniston
Philip Baker Hall
Catherine Bell
Lisa Ann Walter
Steve Carell
Nora Dunn

PG13           101min           2003

I was talking to my sister and she told me that she had to watch this movie for philosophy class. She explained some philosophic topic to me. So I watched it again and it still didn’t appeal to me. Jim Carrey’s acting reminded me of a sane Riddler. It was just over the top of the top.

“Bruce Almighty” did have its moments. Morgan Freeman as GOD was a inspired choice. But overall I felt it was an empty movie made to capitalize on Jim Carrey and Jennifer Aniston appeal.

1/5 Gs

If GOD gives us sign and we don’t heed the signs and GOD knows that we won’t heed those sign why doesn’t he give us better signs?


One Response to Bruce Almighty

  1. coffee fiend says:

    Jennifer Aniston is all the rage right now

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