“Ice Princess”

iceprincess.jpgJoan Cusack
Kim Cattrall
Michelle Trachtenberg
Hayden Panettiere
Trevor Blumas

G           99min           2005

“Ice Princess” is the story of Casey Carlyle (Trachtenberg), a nerdy kid, being pushed by her mother to apply for a scholarship to an Ivy League school. In order to get the scholarship she must display a physic project and in the process of trying to proving her physic theory in ice skating, she applies her practical theory on herself.

“Ice Princess” is a cute little film by Disney. It shows that you can be smart and an athlete. That hardwork and not drug leads to success.

I give it a 3/5 Gs

Today’s sport climate is geared to cheat. Is it still worth watching sports knowing that there are athletes excelling by using performance enhancers. Is it still entetaining or just will at all cost?


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