Batman Begins

batmanbegins.jpgChristian Bale
Morgan Freeman
Michael Caine
Liam Neeson
Katie Holmes
Gary Oldman
Cillian Murphy
Rutger Hauer
Ken Wantanabe

PG13           141min           2005

Batman Begins starts at the beginning of the Dark Knights reign. Bruce Wayne comes back to Gotham to bring order, justice, and to save the city that his father held dear. Its by far the best Batman Movie. Its a great relaunch of the Batman and one of the must see movies for the summer ’05.

In the deluxe edition the second disc comes as a intereactive comic book. It can be view as a normal menu. Some of the special features are the how Christopher Nolan and David Goyer thought to reinvent the Batman Franchise; How Christan Bale went about becoming Batman. Overall all the other features on Batman Begins are good and informative. With the reinvention of Batman a stellar success, maybe Superman can fly again.

I give it a 5/5 Gs

Which Batman villian do you want to see next and wjo should play them?


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