‘Blade: Trinity’

Wesley Snipes
Kris Kristofferson
Dominic Purcell
Jessica Biel
Ryan Reynolds
Paker Posey
Triple H
Callum Keith Rennie
James Remar
Natasha Lyonne

R           112min           2004

‘Blade: Trinity’ finds Blade wanted by the FBI as a rogue covenant of vampires awaken the first vampire Dracula, to make the humans the minority race.

It was a disappointment in but it was still an ok action movie. It has some cool action scenes. I found myself liking the vampires more than I like the heroes. Snipes performance was more wooden and hollow than his first two outtings. Ryan Reynolds, Parker Posey and Dominic Purcell stole the show.

I do think that Blade has run its course. The franchise could be reworked if centered around the Nightstalkers. The Nightstalkers give more for characterization and plot delevopment. Overall its a film that complements the other two in the ‘Blade Trilogy’.

I give it 3/5 Gs

If vampires do or don’t exist, would you want to know?


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