“First Daughter”

firstdaughter.jpgKatie Holmes
Marc Blucas
Michael Keaton
Margret Colin
Lela Rochon Fuqua

PG           106min           2004

“First Daughter” is Samantha Mackenzie (Holmes), the ‘First Daughter of President Mackenzie (Keaton) was a normal life when she goes off to college. As the government seemly agree, she falls for a student James Lansome (Blucas). When her life is threaten during her father’s reelection campaign, Lansome cover as a undercover Secret Service Agent is blown.

It’s a similar premise to another film that came out around the same time “Chasing Liberty” starring Mandy Moore. “First Daughter” was definitely a chick film. The only reason I picked it up was that the video store had a special running rent five old releases for five ninety-five. It was as I expected.

“First Daughter” wasn’t awful but it was a chick flick. It did display Holmes’ quirky smile and her ability to play the girl next to that made her successful. It was a little more plausible than “Chasing Liberty” and I found it a little funnier.

Each girl wanted a normal life. It appears they have it. The guy they fall for is actually working for their father. They break up. I don’t think I need to “spoil” the ending for you.

There was nothing spectacular about this films and the only different was the casting and situations. It seemed that both studio bought the same premise and each tried to fast track their project to the market. In the end they both produced uninspiring, formulaic films that can easily be forgotten until the next decade when someone comes along and makes the films again.

I give it a 2/5 Gs


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